Mar 31, 2008

Best Recordable Media available in the Indian Market

1.CD-Rs-Moserbaer GOLD - Rs9 or
Moserbaer Platinum 12(+-3)

2.CD-RWs-Sony CD-RW 4x CDRW700s (Made in Taiwan) with 700MB capacity- Rs35
MoserBaer Pro CD-RW 4x-10 with 700MB capacity
Sony CD-RW 4x-10 CDRW650SHS with 650MB capacity

3.DVD-R-Sony 16x Jewel Case DMR47S3 (Made in India) supports upto 18x - Rs22-25
Sony 16x Jewel Case DMR47S3 (Made in Taiwan) - NA now
Sony 16x without jewel case - Rs17

use DVD-R instead or Sony 16x Jewel Case DPR47S3 - Rs25

5.DVD-R Lightscribe
Imation is the only option available rightnow.Verbatim medias are also available in few areas.

6.DVD+RW-Moserbaer Pro DVD+RW 4x - Rs55

7.DVD+R DL (DVD+R9)-Moserbaer DVD+R DL 8x - Rs80-100
Verbatrim DVD-R DL 2x - Rs 200 a year ago

-Original or Duplicate?
Sony duplicates are available in the market so while buying Sony media's check for the Hologram on the jewel case or spindle box.
Use Nero CD-DVD Speed to check the Manufacturer name and MID.>>

-Different types of DVD>>
-Dash-Camp(DVD Forum) versus Plus+Camp(DVD-Alliance)>>
-Use DVD-R instead of DVD+R because of wide compatibility and cheaper rates.
-Use DVD+RW instead of DVD-RW because greater speeds DVD+Rs are available in the market and DVD+RW is somewhat more robust in error management>>
-While buying DL media 8.5GB dont care for DVD+R9 or DVD-R9 ,just buy the one which is cheap coz there isnt any practical difference between the media types.They are different in the manner in which they are recorded>>

Mar 16, 2008

USB port stops responding after removing and inserting USB devices

Focus of the post:-USB ports stops responding after adevice is repeatedly inserted and removed.Edit the following registry key or open notepad copy the following lines save as *.reg and open.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

Some other USB problems:-

Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 does not detect your new USB device;en-us;314634

General USB troubleshooting in Windows XP;en-us;310575

One or more USB devices may not work after you start your Windows XP-based computer

A USB mouse that is connected to a USB 2.0 hub is not detected by Windows XP

Windows XP Does Not Recognize a USB Storage Device After You Resume from Standby

You may not be able to use a USB mouse or a USB keyboard to wake up your computer from standby

USB port may stop working after removing or inserting USB device

How to turn off the "Hi-speed USB device plugged into non-hi-speed USB hub" warning message

How to obtain and to install USB 2.0 drivers in Windows XP Service Pack 1