Apr 13, 2008

Hide Users from Welcome screen

Focus of the post:-
Create admin account from command line via script(Hack Value)
Greeting users with blank welcome Screen(Prank Value)
Unhide default administrator account(Sec Value)
Hide users from Welcome Screen
  • The administrator account is hidden by default and doesnt show up at the welcome screen.You can get the classic logon screen by pressing Clt-Alt-Del at the welcome screen.Make sure all users are logged off.Similar to the administrator account other accounts can be hidden by editing the registry.Go to run,type regedit and navigate to the following registry key to hide an account:-

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion \Winlogon\SpecialAccounts\UserList
Select an account name and change its dword value to 0 to make it hidden.You can unhide the administrator account by changing its dword value to 1.To greet users with a blank welcome screen, change the dword value of all account to 0.
  • To create admin account from command line with batch file.Copy the code below and save as somethin.bat

@echo off

net user username password /add && net localgroup administrators username /add

echo Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00> c:\hide.reg

echo [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\SpecialAccounts\UserList]>> c:\hide.reg

echo "username"=dword:00000000>> c:\hide.reg

REGEDIT /S c:\hide.REG

DEL /Q c:\hide.REG

  • Changing Password - Very often people leave blank administrator passwords,use this simple command to create an administrator password(even when you are logged on another admin account).This changes the administrator password even if a password has been created.You can batch the following command as we did before.

net user administrator yourpassword
  • Deleting a account:-

net user username /delete
You can also use "control userpasswords2" command to manage user accounts.Hidden accounts can be viewed from:--My Computer right click->Manage->User and Groups OR right clicking an exe file->Run as->Drop down in username
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Apr 12, 2008

N73-5 RM-132 - No 3G WCDMA2100

Detail specs of N73[forum nokia]

I bought a Nokia N73(N73-5 to be exact) on 30th November 2007.After reading the manual i found that the handset didnt support 3G WCDMA 2100.I was shocked as i had switched from Nokia 6630 which supported 3G.Any information regarding this was not available on the Nokia website,magazines,texts and shopkeepers too.A search on the the internet revealed that N73-5 is also sold in Amercia where there are WCDMA 900 networks.Selling N73-5 in america makes sense because of diiferent cell frequencies used there.While most european countries have 3G WCDMA2100 and few Asian countries are on the verge of getting 3G networks.

I will call this fraud because of the following reasons:-

1.The model name N73-5 isnt self-explanatory.N95-3 is a better phone than N95-1 while N73-5 is a stripped down version of N73-1.

2.Nokia adverstised N73 as a 3G phone.100% of the mobiles with front camera are 3G.The front camera is meant for video calls(possible on 3G networks).Even phones like 6630,6233 and N91 had 3G which have no front camera.

3.Nokia can be sued in court for unfair trade practice as the consumers were not informed about the change in specs of the phone.Nokia N91 also had two versions->with and without 3G but this thing was clearly mentioned on the package.It was clearly written on the advertisement catalogues of N91-"Non 3G version also available".N91 was sold as N91 GSM and N91 WCDMA.

4.Nokia is selling 3G equipments to Airtel,BSNL..Few of the service providers have already tested 3G and will soon be launching 3G services on getting green signal from the government.

5.All music edition phones are N73-1 RM-133 while non music editions can either be N73-5 RM-132 or RM-133.

6.The only place the package was labelled N73-5 were two stickers (one with barcode and the other with Nokia address).Both the stickers are meant for dealers.

The firmware of N73-1 standard edition can be changed to that Music edition...but i dont think flashing N73-5 with N-73-1(if possible)will enable 3G!!! 3G reqiures special chip and it must be missing from N73-5.This was confirmed from NOKIA CARE:

Dear Mr. Khan,
Thank you for e-mailing Nokia Care.

This e-mail is in reference to the features of Nokia N73-5. We appreciate your interest in Nokia products. You may kindly note that Nokia N73 is available in different versions such as Nokia N73, Nokia N73 Music Edition and Nokia N73-5. Nokia N73 and Nokia N73 Music Edition phones support WCDMA (Wideband Code Division Multiple Access) technology whereas Nokia N73-5 does not support WCDMA technology.
Further, this is a default feature of the phone and cannot be integrated in the phone via software or hardware upgrade.Please access the below mentioned web link for more information on the features of Nokia phones:http://www.nokia-asia.com/A4415002

Revathi Durai
Nokia Care

By the email you sent me clearly means that N73-5 does not support WCDMA.But the feature link you sent me in the email mentions that N73(normal edition) supports WCDMA.Even on the NOKIA INDIA site there are two N73 edition namely N73 and N73 Music Edition,there is no phone like N73-5 on the site.This is an unfair trade practice and I have been fooled into buying a downgraded N73.

Thank you for e-mailing Nokia Care.

This e-mail is in reference to the features of Nokia N73-5
. We regret the inconvenience caused. We would like to inform you that Nokia N73-5 is a handset which is edge enabled handset and it does not support WCDMA and we regret the inconvenience caused due to the unavailability of the information in the web site. Please be assured that your feedback is valued and we endeavour to address any suggestion that may be raised by our customers. We have forwarded your suggestion to our Customer Feedback Division for their due consideration. Further, kindly be assured that Nokia manufactures mobile phones and accessories with focus on optimal performance, reliability and user friendliness. It is always our sincere and diligent effort to recommend our customers to take the requisite care in the usage and maintenance of your Nokia product to ensure the desired performance as that of an electronic product........usual blah blah thanks etc

Kind regards,
Junasha Barman
Nokia Care

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A number of people on many forums claimed to have converted their RM-132 to RM-133 but this wont enable 3G as said earlier.

Apr 7, 2008

N73 vs N73 Music Edition

Click images to enlarge

N73 N73 Music Edition Basic

Customized multimedia button which can launch upto 5 application by joystick.Firmware can be flashed to music edition
Dedicated Music Key
Software Music functionality same as music edition. Series 60 v9.1 Music Player
Handsfree Poor quality handsfree - Classic Stereo Headset HS-23 (without remote) HS-28+AD41.A little better handsfree with remote
Memory Card 512MB miniSD 2GB miniSD
Color Click on above pic to enlarge Black

Cost *June 2008

Indian Market No 3g RM-132 known as N73-5. With 3g RM133 known as N73-1
Total Cost Difference = Rs 1800-2100,if you use the leftover money for buying handsfree and card you can get a better deal:-

Handsfree Creative EP-630 1 yr warranty 800
Remote Nokia HS-28+AD41 or simple audio Adapter AD-46 without media controls for Rs 200 Grey Market 500
Memory Card Kingston 2gb miniSD or microSD with miniSD converter 5 yr warranty 800
Total sum (Paint job optional),you get a total of 3 handsfree and a memory card for the price difference Rs2100
-N73 non-music edition sold in indian markets is N73-5 which ships without 3G.N73 non-music editions sold in other markets like Gulf is N73-1. 
There are five versions of N73 sold in Indian market:- Rate on December 07
1.N73-5 = HS-23;Rs12684

2.N73-M = HS-28+AD41;2GB,Rs14880 (Basic Music Edition)
3.N73-M HS-16 =  Nokia Stereo Headset HS-16,2GB;Rs15746
4.N73-M HS-62 = Nokia Advanced Headphones HS-62,AD41,2GB,Rs15650
5.N73-1 = NA