Apr 7, 2008

N73 vs N73 Music Edition

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N73 N73 Music Edition Basic

Customized multimedia button which can launch upto 5 application by joystick.Firmware can be flashed to music edition
Dedicated Music Key
Software Music functionality same as music edition. Series 60 v9.1 Music Player
Handsfree Poor quality handsfree - Classic Stereo Headset HS-23 (without remote) HS-28+AD41.A little better handsfree with remote
Memory Card 512MB miniSD 2GB miniSD
Color Click on above pic to enlarge Black

Cost *June 2008

Indian Market No 3g RM-132 known as N73-5. With 3g RM133 known as N73-1
Total Cost Difference = Rs 1800-2100,if you use the leftover money for buying handsfree and card you can get a better deal:-

Handsfree Creative EP-630 1 yr warranty 800
Remote Nokia HS-28+AD41 or simple audio Adapter AD-46 without media controls for Rs 200 Grey Market 500
Memory Card Kingston 2gb miniSD or microSD with miniSD converter 5 yr warranty 800
Total sum (Paint job optional),you get a total of 3 handsfree and a memory card for the price difference Rs2100
-N73 non-music edition sold in indian markets is N73-5 which ships without 3G.N73 non-music editions sold in other markets like Gulf is N73-1. 
There are five versions of N73 sold in Indian market:- Rate on December 07
1.N73-5 = HS-23;Rs12684

2.N73-M = HS-28+AD41;2GB,Rs14880 (Basic Music Edition)
3.N73-M HS-16 =  Nokia Stereo Headset HS-16,2GB;Rs15746
4.N73-M HS-62 = Nokia Advanced Headphones HS-62,AD41,2GB,Rs15650
5.N73-1 = NA


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