Nov 30, 2009

When cofee becomes cofree

Focus of the post : Microsoft Cofee (Computer Online Forensic Evidence Extractor) leaked on the internet.

Microsoft Cofee leaks onto the web - Inquirer - The software is free to police forces around the world and helps access details about crimes such as identity theft, online fraud, child pornography and illegal filesharing before criminals can wipe the information.

It's reportedly illegal for unauthorised people to download and use the software"

"This enables the officer to take advantage of the same common digital forensics tools used by experts to gather important volatile evidence, while doing little more than simply inserting a USB device into the computer," said Microsoft

Any guess's where did i spot the news and file  ?? -  0wned by William Genovese (aka illwill - who was arrested by FBI in a setup for selling the publicly available  part of windows 2000 source code already available on the internet!! to an agent posing as a n00b )

Microsoft gives Interpol free COFEE

There are two versions of the same file floating on the internet . The 15Mb msi package will give the error "The parameter is incorrect". So look for the fixed package on google.