Jan 27, 2008

Flaw in YAHOO! Messenger Invisible Settings

Focus of the post :- It is already public that invisible users can be detected using a couple of tools and sites.But yesterday i discovered that you can use the yahoo site itself to see if a person is invisible or not!!

In YAHOO messenger there are two ways to appear offline to a person:-

1.Your main status is "Available" and you right click on a contact go to Stealth Settings>>Appear permanently offline to id such as "haider".That is the case where you want to appear offline to few people (avoid 'someone') and be online to rest of your contacts.(Invisible to only specific people)
2.Your main status is set to "Invisible" and you appear offline to all contacts unless you choose a contact specifically to be online.That is the case where you want to appear offline to everyone(avoid everyone) and be online to someone.

If you use the first mechanism to appear offline to 'someone',then 'someone' can know you correct status just by logging into his Yahoo Mail(Old Interface)>>Contacts.The smiley icon will show you the correct status.If you use the second method then correct status cannot be found using yahoo mail.You can use third party applications to know the correct status.Follow the next post to know more.Here is the screenshot:-

Checked on YAHOO Messenger v8.1.0.244
    • Yahoo's response is here


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    Richard C. Lambert said...

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