Aug 25, 2008

Beetel 220BX1 - New Firmware Disables USB

Focus of the post :- Updating the firmware of Beetel 220BX1 and Beetel 220BX will disable the USB connection port .

The new firmware for BX1 disables the USB port of the modem.The software version in FW3(Beetel 220BX1) and FW4(Beetel 110BX1) pics is exactly the same.This means the new firmware is meant for the newer model Beetel 110BX1 which has no USB port.

During service,the airtel engineer updated the firmware without my consent.When i asked him about the changes in the new firmware he replied that there is nothing new except the USB will be disabled.On asking further,he explained the USB caused frequent corruption of the modem settings.I told him to replace the modem with a new one.I destroyed my modem while downgrading the firmware.You wont be able to downgrade from v3.12L.The USB port is useful in connecting two systems to the internet without any hassles.

The firmware has minor changes and wont really effect the preformance.The logins and has been integrated into one.Connect/Disconnect option in the modem page and a few other features.

  • v3.00L (Oldest Firmware,Available for Download on the Beetel site)
Filename : T28-0q-003
Size : 1.79 MB
  • v3.04L (Beetel 220BX)
Filename : T2H-0Q-001
Size : 1.79 MB
Changes :  Bug Fix and Enhancement History (From Release Notes)
This release contains the following enhancements and bug fixes since the previous release.
1. Blocked PPPoE Discover packet from WAN as the modem is in PPPoE mode. 
2.Don’t allow to create same PVC. 
3. Change the DSL firmware to A2pB021c. 
4. Can’t modify wan configuration via telnet menu.
  • v3.06L (Default FW for Beetel 220BX1 - Recommended) 
  • v3.12L (Default FW for Beetel 110BX1,Compatible with BX and BX1 also but disables the USB port on both of them)
Filename : T2HQ007
Size : 1.80 MB

Beetel 220BX USB Disconnection problem

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Any way you still have the firmware file ?

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