Dec 5, 2008

Adding a Silencer to Noisy Nokia N Series Phones

Focus of the post :- Taking Silent Pics with Nokia N73.This trick will definitely work on other N Series Mobile.Make sure you apply a suitable hack for your symbian9 version

  • Due to privacy laws in North-America , APAC and Gulf countires noisy N Series are sold which shouts at the pic when clicked.Even if privacy laws dont exist in your country there is good possiblity that you might be having a barking phone.In pre-symbian9 phones (eg:-N70,6600,6630) the shutter click could easily be silenced by putting warning tones off from the profiles section.
  • Tested on hacked Nokia N73-5 RM-132 v4.0726.2.1.1 . I am not sure from where this hack originated but this is available on few of the forums.
Step1 : Open X-Plore and explore to "Z:\Private\10202be9\101F8809.txt" - Use Find feature
Step2 : Copy the file to C:\ or E:\ and edit the last line either in phone or on computer by opening in Notepad.
0x7 int 1 0 cap_rd=alwayspass cap_wr=alwaysfail
Replace with and Save
0x7 int 0 0 cap_rd=alwayspass cap_wr=alwaysfail
Step3 : Copy the file to "C:\Private\10202be9\101F8809.txt"
Step4 : Turn "Warning Tones off" in your active profile.

Now shoot a chick at her face without the fear of getting slapped.Click photos in examination hall,send it over Wi-Fi/Bluetooth and receive solutions from friends. 

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